How to Prevent Infestation of Pests In Your RV

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The caravan vehicle, also known as the recreational vehicle, is one of the many methods of transportation that takes people from point A to point B. However, what makes the RV entirely different from most vehicles is that you can live in it, make a few stops and even sleep for a while on those stops since it is a mobile home you can bring anywhere. And just like how homes can become in the long run, the RV can also attract pests. Pests can bring about damage to your RV, and you don’t want that to happen.

Here is what you need to do in order to keep your RV in its optimal condition and free from pests. Starting from the basics – pests follow the scent of food and they will always go there. Always keep this in mind so whenever you see pests, there is food debris or leftover that you forgot to keep away in a place out of the pests’ reach. And when they do reach your RV, they will breed and keep reproducing, which is a stage that you don’t want to happen. It will be very difficult for you to control the pest infestation when it starts building a colony inside your RV.


Travel clean

It is true that the RV you are riding on will take you to breathtaking places, but most of these places are situated in natural environments, which is the best place where pests flourish. Travelers in RV face almost anything from mosquitoes, mice, flies, scorpions, gnats, ants and many other creatures. Even when you feel you are not threatened by these pests, they will still come after the greatest source for breeding – food. There are some pests that are not considered much as pests, though – the bears. Be extra wary of them as they can destroy vehicles and get in your cooler. If you find yourself in a place where bears thrive, avoid leaving food in your camper. Hang them on a tree, instead. This way, if the bears are going after it, you wouldn’t be worrying your car getting destroyed since you had them outside.

The best way to avoid the infestations of pests is to be prepared. You should expect every kind of pest you can imagine at the site you are going to. You can also learn about the campsite ahead of time to find out what are the common pests that infest RVs in the area. When you cook your food, make sure you prepare a size enough for the number of people that are going to eat it. Leftovers are usually the reason why it can attract pests due to its smell. If you’ve got garbage, make sure you dispose of it both day and night in order to keep the RV fresh and free from leftover scent – the scent that can attract various pests into your RV.

You can also contact i-Spray, a company that specializes in caravan vehicles. They can provide you more tips on how to keep your caravan vehicle free from pests.

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Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

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Women come in all shapes and sizes and usually there are very few items of a wardrobe that have a one size fits all sizing. Wedding dresses are no different and there are a lot of different wedding dresses out there on the rack in the bridal shops and department stores on the high street. Websites like can give you some guidance on what dress you should choose for your personal style and most importantly your body shape. Below we’ve listed the different body types and which dresses and styles would suit you.USED (21)

  • Pear Shaped: look for a skirt that gradually flares out in a line formation from the natural waist to the floor, highlighting the narrowness of the midsection and floating away from the hips and thighs. Sturdier fabrics such as duchesse satin and taffeta, are especially effective, since they won’t cling. A spaghetti strap bodice or a V neckline will also showcase a more slender upper body. Keep in mind a classic a line silhouette lends itself to formal weddings, but it can also be dressed down when made from a more casual fabric like eyelet lace or raw silk.
  • Busty: look for a dress with a scooped neckline. Websites like can advise you on the type of neckline you should choose for your shape. It will open up your face and display your décolletage without showing too much cleavage. If you love the look of strapless gowns, choose one that has a sweetheart neckline rather than a style that goes straight across the body, which will make your bust appear even larger and more shelf like. Fabric on the bodice that has a sheen to it should be kept in mind as it will add volume and call to attention your chest. Ruched material will have the same effect.
  • Plus Sized: an empire dress with a skirt that begins just under the bust and flows down into a gradual floor length a line. Make sure the empire seam doesn’t start on the chest, but under the bust and that there is no pleating of the fabric, which is reminiscent of maternity wear. The dress should play to your shape as if it is too loose it can add pounds rather than flatter your curves. Find fabrics like satin that provide structure rather than anything too flowy. If you like the romantic look of airier fabrics, choose a gown with a stiffer base. Companies like can show you the types of fabrics best used with their dresses.
  • Apple shaped: a dress that cinches in at the smallest point of the waist is your best bet with a flare out in a gradual a line. Opt for a bodice with a lot of texture to it so think ruche or lace detailing – that will camouflage and fit snugly, creating a corset like effect. The most slenderising neckline for you is one with a deep V shape as it will draw eyes to the vertical not the horizontal.
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Wedding Mistakes Brides Make And They Don’t Know It

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How you and your guests get around will be a make-it-or-break-it detail on your wedding day. Avoid these common transportation mistakes for a hitch-free ride and use companies like to make sure things happen as smoothly as possible.

Mistake #1: Not hiring professional transportation

Step one to no-hassle wedding transportation is to hire the pros. You won’t have to worry about coordinating a different ride with several separate cars; your entire entourage can be with you every step of the way if you choose. That peace of mind alone is enough to make transportation a priority in our book — but there’s also the added bonus of having tons of stylish, photo-ready options, from Mustangs and white limos to party and double-decker buses.

Mistake #2: Only considering the standard stretch limo

Like every other aspect of your wedding, your getaway mobile should complement and match your personal and wedding style — after all, this is how your guests will remember you riding off into the sunset. From a sleek silver Rolls-Royce or a pimped-out party bus to a bicycle built for two, there are countless ways to get everyone around in style — including you. Stage a photo-worthy getaway by choosing a ride with flair: We love the idea of a vintage convertible for a rustic outdoor wedding, a pedicab draped with flowers for a laid-back city affair or a tandem bike topped with streamers for a beach event. Want to keep it classic? Try a white Bentley or a black Rolls-Royce or another luxury car from companies like

Mistake #3: Forgetting about your guests

While you’re not expected to provide shuttles for guests, it’s thoughtful to help out-of-town (read: car-less) guests find transportation in an unfamiliar town. And if you have room in your budget, you (or your designated day-of crisis manager) won’t have to worry about giving directions to lost guests, late arrivals interrupting the ceremony, finding a lot big enough for 100-plus cars or making sure that imbibing guests get home safe. A charter bus, which holds up to 60 passengers, will get the job done, but it’s not your only option. A vintage trolley will give your guests a dose of nostalgia (but only for short trips of five miles or less — these oldies aren’t built for highway speed), and yellow school buses make for a charming alternative with a little more mileage (but many of those don’t have air-conditioning, so steer clear during the summer if the trip will be a long one). If you’re not hiring transportation for your guests, post the numbers for a local car service company on your website and also print them on cards to display near the exit so that anyone who has been drinking can make it home safely. You can also arrange to have a stream of cabs waiting at the end of the reception.

Mistake #4: Not verifying the owner of the car

It’s smart to know who actually owns the vehicle you’re renting. If the transportation company you’re dealing with doesn’t have the car you’re looking for, they may “borrow” a car from another vendor (and basically pay them a rental fee). Here’s where it gets sticky: Since you’re one more middleman away from the wedding car of your dreams, you put yourself at greater risk for a late ride or, even worse, a no-show. If you have your heart set on a particular car, you’re better off finding a vendor that actually owns the one you have in mind.


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What is protective coating good for

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merchant container ship

When you hear the protective coating the first thing that will come to your mind is it protects, but you need to ask the question what else can it do besides protect? That is why suggested that there are things that the protective coating can do for you so that you would be able to live a care free life with less stress and worry to deal with. After all, you have so much on your plate you deserve the time to be happy and joyful that is why the protective coating even created.

The thing that the protective coating can do is bring back the shininess of certain things so that you wouldn’t have to have a headache looking at it. You see because you are so busy doing your work every day you would usually forget to clean certain things or to give protection on certain things like your car and even your wooden floor. That is why the protective coating is created so that even in your spare time you would still be able to give back the shine to both things. This way you wouldn’t feel embarrassed driving in a shiny car.

The protective coating can even help you save money because usually you would have to spend a lot of money to get things done and a lot of time but with the help of the protective coating it can be done easily and at a cheap price. You wouldn’t have to worry about finding the money to clean your floors or your car because with the help of the protective coating it can help you take away all those problems so learn to relax and enjoy the shine of your wooden floor or your car because it can happen.

The thing about the protective coating that you would like is that it can come in any bottle. This would mean that if you just want to spray it then you can and if you want to dap it in a clothed then you can. Truly the protective coating is there to help you and not to burden you so you don’t have to worry if you are planning to buy it to help you give your car and your wooden floor their shine back because if you have a yacht they can even do it.

Now you know what the protective coating can do for you. So, if ever you are in the mall or planning to go to the mall you shouldn’t forget to buy your protective coating because it can do so much for you at a very reasonable price.  This way your car will always have that shiny look every day, but that is not all because the protective coating can also remove dirt and dust so that your car can be really and totally clean and this goes to your wooden floor and your yacht. The protective coating can do so much for you.

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