Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue & Different!

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Looking to get to the church on time? We’ve got 8 different forms of fab wedding transportation ideas for your big day!


Vintage brides will love a vintage bicycle for this big day – they make a fun prop for your wedding photos or you could actually ride one to the venue. Just make sure the journey’s not up hill!


The ultimate Eco-friendly way to arrive at your ceremony! If you live close to the venue, or there’s a picturesque approach, why not make the most of it and walk there with your dad and bridesmaids?


This one is a great wedding transportation idea for the groom. If your man is nervous about arriving on his own, why not make the journey more comfortable – and exciting – and arrive en masse, in a classic Routemaster with bus to rent in London!

That way, you can all travel to the wedding reception venue together and chat about how incredible the ceremony was.

bus to rent in London


Whether you opt for classic or sporty, cars are still the most popular way of getting to the church on time. Think about the season in which you’re marrying before you book one, though.

A 1920’s classic might not be the best choice for a mid-winter celebration.


If you’re a country-loving couple, why not ask the local farmer if you borrow one of his tractors? It’s a fun photo opportunity – you could even get some wedding wellies to complete the look!

Horse and carriage

If you’ve always dreamed of being a princess on your big day, there’s really only one way to arrive when it comes to wedding transportation – horse and carriage. We recommend hiring one with a hood, just in case of bad weather.


To make a Made in Chelsea-style arrival, a helicopter has to be the most cosmopolitan way to make your entrance. Again, grooms usually favour this mode of transport as most wedding dresses aren’t easily accommodated in the small cockpit interior!

Tuk Tuk

Perfect for an oriental-themed wedding, a Tuk Tuk is essentially a motorised rickshaw. It’s highly maneuverable making it the ideal wedding transportation choice if access to the venue is tight. They’re unique, quirky and will certainly help make your wedding stand out from the crowd.


If you’re tying the knot abroad, why not go the ‘whole wedding transportation hog’ and arrive at your beach ceremony riding an elephant! “I’m so pleased my Dad and I arrived to the beach ceremony on top of Dahl the elephant,” says real bride Julia. “ I’ve always loved elephants, and to have such a beautiful, magnificent animal present at our day was just incredible. It certainly made our day unique! Our guests enjoyed feeding her and the rides along the beach too!”

Stay the night before

One of the quickest ways to arrive at your ceremony is to stay at the wedding venue the night before! All-inclusive packages may include this option, leaving you and your bridesmaids to wake up slowly and get ready in your own time, without the added stress of traffic jams.

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Diesel Fuel Injector Removal Tips!

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A diesel fuel injector is a very important component of the diesel car’s engine. The diesel engine, unlike the gasoline engine, injects fuel directly into the cylinder. This exposes it to heat and pressure, which might, overtime, damage the fuel injector or decrease its productivity. Removing a diesel fuel injector is a simple process; however, it does require some basic knowledge of the system. The following are simple step-by-step instructions which should allow you to easily perform this task yourself within an hour or so. You can get a company out to do mobile injector removal service if you get caught short at the side of the road!

mobile injector removal service

Step 1 – Depressurize and Drain Fuel

As fuel injector is under high pressure and contains high pressure fuel inside, which can spurt out violently if removed, it is essential that the fuel injector is drained and depressurized properly. Therefore, the first thing that you should do is to ensure that there is no fuel in the fuel pump or rail and that the pressure in the fuel injector has been relieved. The service manual of your automobile should provide you with easy step-by-step guidance to do this successfully.

Step 2 – Make Sure the Engine is Cool

Remember, safety always comes first! Before you begin removing the fuel injectors, make sure that the engine is cool so as to avoid any risk of burn injuries.

Step 3 – Clean Everything

Also, before you begin, make sure that the fuel injection system and all its components are clean. Clean all connections on the fuel system and close any and all open connections as dust and dirt can destroy the entire fuel injection system.

Step 4 – Detach All Fuel Lines

If your engine has a fuel rail, then proceed on to the next step.

If, however, your engine has fuel lines instead of a fuel rail then remove both the fuel supply and the return lines from the injectors. This ensures disconnection of any fuel supply to the injector, otherwise, you risk getting fuel sprayed all over you.

Step 5 – Loosen the Fuel Rail

You will now remove the four bolts that are attached to the engine’s fuel rail in order to be able to move it. After this, gently pry the fuel rail loose using a screwdriver. Take special care while doing this so as not to damage the fuel injectors while loosening the rail. Otherwise you will need to purchase your entire set of fuel injectors again. The fuel rail should easily come loose now after you repeat the same process in three to four different places around the rail.

Step 6 – Loosen the Injector

Once you have cut all fuel delivery to the injector, you are now ready to proceed to remove it. The injector is held in place in a holder that has bolts at its sides. Remove the bolts and take out the holder very carefully so as to avoid damaging anything. Keep the bolts and washers in a safe place.

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How To Know You Need An Injector Replacement

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The fuel calibration curves in the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) are based on OEM dyno testing using a new engine. Fuel pressure is within a specified range for that engine, and the injectors are all clean and new. The PCM’s built-in adaptive fuel control strategies allow it to adjust both short-term and long-term fuel trim to compensate for variances in fuel pressure and fuel delivery to maintain the correct air/fuel ratio — but only within certain limits.

The PCM may not be able to increase injector duration enough to offset the difference if:

  • An injector becomes clogged with fuel varnish deposits and fails to deliver its normal dose of fuel when it’s energized, or
  • Fuel pressure to the injector drops below specifications because of a weak fuel pump, plugged fuel filter or leaky fuel pressure regulator.

This can leave the air/fuel mixture too lean, causing the cylinder to misfire.

The solenoid at the top of the injector creates a magnetic field that pulls up the injector pintle when the injector is energized. The magnetic field must be strong enough to overcome the spring pressure and fuel pressure above the pintle, otherwise the injector may not open all the way. Shorts, opens or excessive resistance in the injector solenoid can also cause problems. Companies like can help!

mobile injector removal

Typically, the solenoids often short internally when injectors fail, which causes a drop in resistance. If the specification calls for 3 ohms, for example, and an injector measures only 1 ohm, it will pull more current than the other injectors. Too much current flow to an injector may cause the PCM injector driver circuit to shut down, killing any other injectors that also share that same driver circuit. One way to check the injectors is with an ohmmeter.

An injector leak will cause the rail to lose pressure while the vehicle is sitting resulting in a longer than normal crank because the rail will need extra time to pressurize. A normal crank time in a diesel common-rail injection system is usually around three to five seconds. This is how long it will take the common-rail pump to build fuel pressure to the “threshold.” The fuel rail pressure threshold for cranking occurs around 5,000 psi. Normal common-rail systems will operate at 5,000 psi at idle and can reach up to 30,000 psi at wide open throttle. If you suspect that an injector is clogged or malfunctioning, an injector balance test can isolate the bad injector. Scan tools that can disable injectors can isolate an injector for diagnostics. Engine rpm drop may not be an effective diagnostic method when performing a cylinder balance test where an injector is disabled.

A more effective method is looking at the voltage changes from the O2 sensor. Leaking injectors and some dead injectors can be missed even when an injector is disabled. Other problems with the ignition system and mechanical components also may not show an rpm loss when an injector is turned off. If an injector is good, the voltage from the O2 sensor will drop to or below 100mV. If the problem is a closed or dead injector, the long-term fuel trim may have compensated enough so that the voltage doesn’t change.

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The Holly and The Christmas Market!

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The season to start decking the halls and serve up homemade gingerbread men and mulled wine is very nearly upon us and to kick off your Christmas shopping you need a winter break to get those special presents sorted. Stalls around Christmas markets are heavy with wine, meat and roasting chestnuts. You’ve just got to get involved! There’s nothing like the festive atmosphere of a Christmas market whether that be at home or abroad. Whether you are travelling abroad or staying nearer to home, we’ve put together our top destinations in a two part guide that will get you right in the festive spirit.

Absolutely dripping in history, there are two main destinations to embrace the festive spirit – the Southbank and Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London. Companies such as put together some excellent and exciting Christmas market breaks and promising a wide range of traditional chalets to shop from you are guaranteed to find everything you need on your shopping list. Winter Wonderland which is set in London’s famous Hyde Park and is free to enter. It does get a little busy as expected but full of rides, stalls and Father Christmas, it’s the way to go for a Christmas market break. London itself seems to come alive with magic during the winter, with its exciting Christmas lights along Oxford Street and the Selfridges and Hamleys Christmas displays and smells of roasting chestnuts along the Thames. Booking coach holiday UK means that you are choosing an affordable break with a festive fling.

christmas coach holidays

Arguably best in the spring time, Paris is unsurprisingly charming in the cooler months as well. With an array of boutique stalls illuminated with colourful festive lighting the shops are a myriad of Christmas market galore. Not to be missed is the La Defense, the chic and ultra-modern centre of the capital. Straight in the old heart of Paris you will be surrounded by Saint-Germain-des-Pres with over three hundred wooden chalets offering a large variety of Christmas crafts and stunningly delicious cuisine. It’s an exciting time of year every year but for your family, you could book yourselves a stunning break in one of the most romantic cities in the world.


It may be hard to spell but the Christkindlesmarkt Nuremberg is set in the magical Main Market Square with over one hundred and eighty market stalls, with some dating back as far as the late eighteen hundreds. If you love gingerbread – or Lebkuchen as it’s called in German – this is the place to buy as much as you can cram into your suitcase. If you prefer a meatier affair, Nuremberg take their sausage very seriously! Some of the recipes they have date back to the early fourteen hundreds and are definitely not to be missed. A great place for food lovers out there, this charming Christmas market is well worth a visit in the most magical months of the year.

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Top 5 Golf Destinations To Visit

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Choosing where to have a break is always difficult as it’s flooded with choices from spas to themed weekend breaks abroad. There are a lot of fun weekend ideas and part of those weekends can include a heck of a round of golf with your friends. Some stag parties are geared toward golf breaks with their colleagues, friends and families and are the ultimate in men to men bonding. Golf has been one of the world’s most popular sports for a long time now and while it’s difficult, we’ve listed for you five of the top golf destinations:

  • Spain: Southern Spain is one of the biggest golf hubs and this is mainly thanks to the all year round warm climates and over 100 courses to pick from. San Roque hosts the European Tour’s qualifying school and it neighbours the western Costa del Sol. Almeria, Cadiz and Malaga have some of the most beautiful golfing greens and is nearby to Anadalusia so if you’re away with 12family who aren’t interested in golf, there’s gorgeous beaches, rich cultures and excellent cuisine.
  • Scotland: St Andrews is ranked as one of the top golfing destinations in the UK and tons of golfers who are anyone make a point of playing here. There are seven prominent Championship golf courses and Gleneagles is also said to surpass world courses and beautiful scenery along with fantastic space for a round or two, what more could you want? Grab your golf clubs and hop onto the nearest best quality electric golf carts and off you go!
  • USA: Maine or New Mexico? Either one has plentiful greens as well as award winning courses available for play. Georgia’s Augusta National Golf Club has been ranked as the number one course in the USA and it’s actually one of the most exclusive in the world and as a sport, golf is right up there with baseball.
  • South Africa: Challenging courses can be found all over South Africa but Garden Route’s Pinnacle Point Championship Golf course near Mossel Bay is one of the most famous. Caddies are an option at all South African golf courses.
  • Portugal: With 80 top quality golf courses, Portugal’s courses are hard to beat and with the sunshine and views, clifftop courses are always available to tee-off on. San Lorenzo on the Algarve is one of the most loved courses and it was awarded the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence.

Wherever you choose to take your golf weekend, it’s not always about the course but the entire destination itself and making sure you have more to your holiday than where you set your tee down is so important. Travelling away for a golf holiday is a way to relax, unwind and using golf as a business incentive is extremely popular especially breaks abroad. It adds that little touch of luxury to your break which is something that most have to pay that little extra to achieve.

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Which Golf Trolley Is Right For You?

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Believe it or not there are many uses for golf trolleys other than on a golf course. There are also different types of golf trolley. Most of the time golf trolleys are used on a golf course to caddy equipment, clubs and clothing for golfers but over the years golf trolleys are used within more than just golf courses.

Holiday resorts, wedding venues and security firms are all fans of using golf carts for getting around faster than walking. Ensuring you know the reason you need the golf trolley is important and it’s also crucial to know the different types of golf trolley that are available so you can make an absolutely informed decision. Knowing the functions of your golf trolley before you buy is important and your choice should really be based on how often you plan to use it. So here are the types of golf trolley there are available:5

  • Electric golf trolley: Absolutely ideal and built in features where other golf trolleys don’t have these. A golfer using an electric trolley would find particular use of a GPS USB charging point and this as a feature on a golf course is such an advantage. Battery powered with lithium makes the trolley more lightweight but also a little more expensive. Finding a golf trolley that will fold away, have a power on light, and a digital colour display can be difficult but on a site like this is actually fairly easily found. EZiCaddy trolleys are manufactured in Kent and there’s no middle man to deal with when it comes to sales as they’re sold direct to consumer. A 2 year warranty with a 28 day trial is definitely something to consider when buying an electric golf trolley.
  • Push and pull golf trolleys: Some golfers prefer the push and pull method as opposed to the charge it up and go electric trolley. Foldaway push and pull trolleys are less expensive as generally they are for rent. It doesn’t have any built in features or displays like the electric kind which is sought to be more useful but no fuss.

Gold trolleys all have their uses but the electric kind comes out on top of all kinds. not only sell a range of digital trolleys, but bags, batteries and various accessories and parts for the trolley itself. There’s a back to base service with EZiCaddy for repairs and servicing required on the EZiCaddy is minimal aside from keeping batteries charged and keeping the trolley clean. It takes 12 hours for a caddy battery to charge and it should be charged between games and kept on charge. Balance is so important as if you overload the trolley is can run the battery down as it’s not designed to carry over the weight that is listed. By using EZiCaddy online, you will never have to deal with a shop selling to you as they’re the manufacturers and that’s the best place to have a direct relationship with the supplier.

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