How to Prevent Infestation of Pests In Your RV

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The caravan vehicle, also known as the recreational vehicle, is one of the many methods of transportation that takes people from point A to point B. However, what makes the RV entirely different from most vehicles is that you can live in it, make a few stops and even sleep for a while on those stops since it is a mobile home you can bring anywhere. And just like how homes can become in the long run, the RV can also attract pests. Pests can bring about damage to your RV, and you don’t want that to happen.

Here is what you need to do in order to keep your RV in its optimal condition and free from pests. Starting from the basics – pests follow the scent of food and they will always go there. Always keep this in mind so whenever you see pests, there is food debris or leftover that you forgot to keep away in a place out of the pests’ reach. And when they do reach your RV, they will breed and keep reproducing, which is a stage that you don’t want to happen. It will be very difficult for you to control the pest infestation when it starts building a colony inside your RV.


Travel clean

It is true that the RV you are riding on will take you to breathtaking places, but most of these places are situated in natural environments, which is the best place where pests flourish. Travelers in RV face almost anything from mosquitoes, mice, flies, scorpions, gnats, ants and many other creatures. Even when you feel you are not threatened by these pests, they will still come after the greatest source for breeding – food. There are some pests that are not considered much as pests, though – the bears. Be extra wary of them as they can destroy vehicles and get in your cooler. If you find yourself in a place where bears thrive, avoid leaving food in your camper. Hang them on a tree, instead. This way, if the bears are going after it, you wouldn’t be worrying your car getting destroyed since you had them outside.

The best way to avoid the infestations of pests is to be prepared. You should expect every kind of pest you can imagine at the site you are going to. You can also learn about the campsite ahead of time to find out what are the common pests that infest RVs in the area. When you cook your food, make sure you prepare a size enough for the number of people that are going to eat it. Leftovers are usually the reason why it can attract pests due to its smell. If you’ve got garbage, make sure you dispose of it both day and night in order to keep the RV fresh and free from leftover scent – the scent that can attract various pests into your RV.

You can also contact i-Spray, a company that specializes in caravan vehicles. They can provide you more tips on how to keep your caravan vehicle free from pests.

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