Tips for Choosing New or Second Hand Boats

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One of the very first things you should ask yourself as a prospective boat buyer is whether you want to buy an outright new boat and be the first owner, or buy a used boat that’s been broken in a little and has been on the water. You should have a clear idea of which type of boat is suitable for your needs ie cruising, fishing, water sports and what features you want on the boat.

After choosing the type of boat you want, deciding whether you should buy new or used depends on your budget and there are pros and cons to take into account. Both have their merits, and buying your boat is such an individual choice, so how do you pick?


Used Boats:

If budget is a real factor then a used boat is an obvious choice. If you buy a model that is five or so years old you will be saving almost half the price of a new boat and that is a heck of a saving! On the downside a used boat tends not to come with a warranty. If you buy from a dealer, they can supply a limited warranty but a private seller won’t at all so you’ll need to get a qualified broker who can provide the boats title and should provide the relevant paperwork. You’ll need to hire a surveyor to properly check out your new boat to satisfy yourself that the boat is in good condition and has been well maintained.

In a nutshell, the pros are that the purchase cost is less than a new boat, you get a bigger boat for more money, the insurance tends to be cheaper and it will come fully equipped. The cons are that a used boat is less favourable in financial terms, there is limited customisation available, no warranty is available and you may not have a boat with the latest tech.

New Boats:

Buying a new boat from places like is well suited to people who know exactly what they want and those want a boat with a long life. The benefits of buying new are that you can choose the precise specification of your boat along with the colours and you will have the benefit of brand new warranty protection that comes with the new purchase. You also have the peace of mind that you can return to the dealer or boatyard in the future for advice, training and assistance with boat maintenance. The downside? New boats like cars will greatly depreciate in the first few years of ownership, but if you are not in a rush to sell they can sometimes gain value, and especially back to the value that you already paid for it.

In a nutshell, the pros are that you have a boat that’s covered under a new warranty, you can edit the specifications to your needs, you can buy the latest design and technology, it’s more economical and repairs are covered. The cons are that it’s far more expensive than a preloved boat, it doesn’t include all the equipment, the value will depreciate and the cost of newly added tech is expensive.


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Taking A Boat Out In Treacherous Weather

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If you haven’t seen The Perfect Storm or Titanic, it’s best not to watch these for the first time before taking a boat out to sea. One of the most obvious things to check for when taking a boat out to see is the weather reports. If you are planning on going out on a fun day trip, seeing forecasts of gale force winds and rain is probably not the best choice for a day at sea. Preparing yourself for heavy weather while at sea is so important and if you have kept a proper lookout, developed a weather eye and monitored the weather on your radio, you should have plenty of time to get prepared. Obviously, the best way to handle rough weather while at sea is to get to shore immediately and avoid the weather completely. This however, may not be practical if you are on an extended cruise and are a way away from the shoreline. In this case, you should prepare yourself, the boat and your crew for what is to come. Sometimes the conditions can look fantastic but then change when you are too far out to get to shore, so knowing what to do in the event of treacherous weather is smart and constant vigilance is key.

As boats always vary in design and size, and weather conditions tend to vary in severity so does the list of precautionary items that need to be performed before heading out to sea. When you notice heavy weather conditions you should always meet with your crew to explain the situation and 15572117155_a4b0bcd17c_zreassure them. Make sure they all know what to do, as well as what not to do on the arrival of extreme weather. Companies that are adept at heavy vessel handling such as are able to navigate such conditions without much issue but if you are unfamiliar with them then being prepared the best you can be is what to do.

Ready any emergency equipment that you may need such hand pumps, bailers, first aid kits, sound signalling devices and such like. Ensuring you have a good fix of your position and plot it on the chart will help keep you abreast of the situation ahead. Have a good contingency plan to alter your course to sheltered waters if possible and continue to monitor your local channel on the radio for updates to severe forecasts. Prevent getting caught in heavy weather at all by developing a weather eye and heading for shore as soon as possible, before it becomes an emergency situation. Keep navigation lights on and change to a full fuel tank if you are able to. If you have a choice, absolutely do not operate your boat from the fly bridge. Rig the jack lines (lines rigged along the outboard decks running from the bow aft) and require anyone who goes on deck to wear a safety harness.

Explain to your crew such things as being low in the boat, not moving around excessively and not going out on deck unless absolutely necessary. Give them something to do to keep them occupied and keep their minds off the situation at hand. Determine the position of the storm, wind direction, speed and estimated time to your location. Businesses like will advise you that securing all hatches, closing all ports and windows to keep water on the outside and pump bilges dry and repeat as required. This can help to eliminate the ‘free water effect’ which is the sloshing of water in the bilge as the boat rolls, which can really affect the stability of the boat.

Ultimately you have to stay as safe as you realistically can do on a boat on the sea. Keeping your crew safe and having the right insurances will help.

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Your Consumer’s Right to Accident Repair

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If you do not have experience in a vehicular accident, as a consumer you have the right for automotive collision repair, you have a list of rights for your own protection and interest, if used wisely, it could save you a lot of money and time. It provides an assurance that your vehicle will get an accident repair. But you should be aware of the steps you should take so that the problem would not get worse and choosing the right people to help on the way.

Choosing a repair shop

In choosing a repair shop is very important decision, and most of the time, you have every right to decide where you want your vehicle to be repaired. As we know, not all shops give the best services when it comes in repairing things, it comes with properly trained technicians and the tools and facilities that are needed for vehicular accident repair Making this right choice can save you money and trouble.

Most insurance companies will give you suggestions where to repair you vehicle in their one of their preferred repair shops, these preferred shops are in contract with the insurance company. If you do not have the time and energy to look for a repair shop, then maybe the good choice you got.

If you have any from the family, relatives, friends that experienced in vehicular accident and also gone to process of accident repair can also be a great source you can get for advices. They can give you recommendations that had great feedbacks from the locals.

It is to remind you that, if you choose a repair shop it is very important to be aware that you are comfortable with them because they will the do the repair for your vehicle and you need to make up your mind for it. If you are considering insurance claim, your insurance company will pay the expenses that you and the company agreed on. But you have the right to say no to the insurance company if you feel like it.

pexels-photo-92637-mediumIt is your right that your vehicle will be properly repaired

Every people who have vehicle have the privilege to drive or ride in a properly repaired vehicle after an accident. That performs well after all the damaged done to your vehicle. But do not take chance to ignore small things when it concerning your vehicle, it is your right to check your vehicle after a repair. If you think there is something wrong or feel different you should tell the company repair technician to look to it and make sure everything is okay.

Don not hesitate to ask question about the repair shop you selected, what parts to be used in repairing the damage, how they deal with the damage part, or will the vehicle will be okay. Do their technicians is certified to do high maintenance on any vehicle or can they be trusted? You have this right all the time, but sadly some people do not practice it.

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How to Successfully Sell Car for Cash

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Man with car keys

You have been considering the possibility of selling your car. Of course, as a seller, you would want to see to it that steps are taken for you to ensure that you are getting the most out of the offer. You know that there are a lot of things that you need to do if you are to do this right. You have never really tried selling a car at before. But you want to learn of the best practices that you need to carry out to make sure that you get the best selling experience.

There are things that you need to prepare for if you are to go through with the car sale before listing that the car you own is for sale, you need to make sure that you are able to maximize its appeal. This is the best and most surefire way of ensuring that you are able to get the best possible price for it. You will be surprised at how much a little effort from your end can actually do when improving its selling value.

Before posting an ad at, it might be a good idea to have the car detailed by professionals. You can get a good result by just shelling out even a couple of hundred dollars. You can have it cleaned from the very top to its bottom this will help you save from having to do the job yourself for a couple of weekends at least. You will be surprised at how time-consuming cleaning a car actually is.

Of course you can choose to get the cleaning job done for yourself. I you have the time and the effort to spare, you can save a lot of money from actually doing the cleanup personally. You do have to see to it that you do the job as efficiently as you can. Pay close attention to those areas that are hard to reach. Check the door openings and the boot openings too. Make sure that you take a look at the engine bay and get it cleaned too.

Car saleswoman handing over the keys for a new car

Never post your car at unless you have made sure that there is no longer any stuff that has remained inside. Leaving items inside the interiors of your car is not really good practice especially if you are going to show it potential buyers. It gives off that untidy vibe to the buyer and might even turn some interested individuals off. Also, loose items will end up ratting and banging around when you take the car for a test drive. This again will create a not so positive impression on your buyers.

Make sure that the interior is polished and washed, as well. Include the windows of the car and the wheels. If there are stainless and chrome trim, make sure that you include the as well. If there is any polish residue on the vehicle, have it cleaned up. This is important so you will avoid giving buyers that impression that you only got the car cleaned since you are selling it. Get the sale timed too when the vehicle has just been recently serviced.

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